Minoritized Groups; Women-Owned


Indigenous Owned

Brand: Mother Earth Essentials

Utilizing the ancient wisdom of Indigenous people, natural sage peppermint hair conditioner is an earthy botanical blend specially formulated to help balance hair and scalp. It also provides shine, volume and body to limp, lifeless hair.

The invigorating and deep cleansing combination of peppermint and sage stimulates your scalp right down to the follicle, gently loosening oil buildup that can lead to hair loss. The tingling sensation of peppermint oil is revitalizing, while sage oil has a clarifying and cleansing effect on body, mind and spirit.

Conditioner - Peppermint Sage 240 ml / 8 oz
Mother Earth Essentials' shampoo & conditioner are sulphate free, to preserve natural oils

Peppermint Sage Conditioner

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