IF you want to buy better.


If you want to buy better. Shiftly.

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Our Mission

Be a part of the shift. 

Our mission is to meet the ever-evolving consumer pursuit for conscious shopping. Through market transparency, we aim to encourage brands and consumers to know, change and grow.

Who We Are

Encouraging small changes that contribute to an overall Shift, that is who we are. 

We want to feel like our choices matter, like we have options that can impact change. We want to do better, consume better, buy better and be better. There is so much to accomplish that it all seems overwhelming. So what is the key to impacting change? Determining how to take the first step can be difficult. At Shiftly, we aim to give you the transparency that will help you shop consciously. 

Make the Shift.

Whether you aim to support Indigenous owned, Canadian, Minoritized groups, Green and Sustainable products or Animal rights friendly products, we will help you navigate through it.

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