Clear Skin Facial Wash is ideal for oily, acne prone, combination and normal skin types. It is a detoxifying and nourishing face wash that will deeply cleanse your skin, remove impurities, toxins and dead skin while leaving your skin refresh, soft and glowing. Its creamy, rich lather and nice unisex scent derived from therapeutic essential oils.

Clear Skin Facial Wash ingredient highlights:
* Activated Charcoal - powerhouse at deeply removing oils, dirt and toxins which help reduce acne and other skin ailments.

* White Willow Bark Extract - has acne-fighting properties and detoxifying antioxidants that help cleanse oily skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines.

* Organic Aloe Vera - restores and maintains moisture while promoting the healing.

* Lavender Essential Oil - has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and soothing properties.

* Tea Tree Essential Oil - a powerhouse fighter of acne-causing bacteria and infections.

2 oz glass bottle with pump
Made in United States of America
Charcoal Face Wash

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